Guest Speaker.

Thriving through Cancer

Armed with a plethora of highly emotive and often comical personal stories, coupled with ongoing research and study into the latest coaching & health & self-care strategies, I aim to share the tools that helped me cope and drove me to soldier on in my darkest times. It is my hope; that I inspire others never to give up. No matter what. 


I can provide next-level emotional engagement to create and inspire positive change in your audience or organisation. 



Talking Points and Topics:


  •  Allowing presence to guide you Leading from the heart

  •  Navigating & overcoming adversity

  •  Living life through a values-based lens

  •  Cultivating self-worth & self-love

  •  Tools and coping mechanisms for challenging times

  •  Grief & loss

  •  Inner strength 

  •  Building resilience

  •  Starting again

  •  Healing

  •  Life Purpose

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