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Meet Danielle

Certified Holistic Life & Business Coach.  

Are you on the precipice of change in your personal life or business? Perhaps you're digging your heels in because you're not ready to take that leap or are indecisive about what's next. Maybe you know something needs to change but you have no idea what that thing is or where to go from here. Or, perhaps, there is a situation you feel you can't walk away from.

Reaching a crossroads in life can be scary and sometimes paralysing.


I support my clients to navigate these uncomfortable transitions so they can go from a place of quiet knowing to taking courageous action.


Life Coaching is about empowering you to live the life you want!


Coaching is a personal conversation around our unique values, ideals, and authenticity. Additionally, with coaching, we gain insights into the more profound implications of our choices. Gain awareness of what is holding you back, shift perspective, combat overwhelm, and develop robust strategies to support them. 


I'm a certified ACC /ICF Life & Business Coach & Holistic Practitioner with over 20 years of experience, and a member of the International Federation of Coaching, USA.


I offer bespoke solutions for clients centred around their unique lifestyles and situations. I use a combination of Coaching Tools, Astrology, Shadow Work, Guided Imagery, Manifestation Techniques, Positive Psychology, and Embodiment work, which creates powerful change from the inside out. 



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“I've been working with Danielle for over a month now, and have been experiencing huge shifts in focus and productivity. The tools Danielle has taught me so far have been so powerful and effective that it almost feels magical! I seriously didn't believe that my mindset would change for the better and my days would be so productive in such a short space of time.
Danielle makes you feel very comfortable. She's professional and highly intuitive. She just seems to 'know' exactly what you need, and with all the knowledge she has you can only expect one result... SUCCESS! I recommend anyone to have Danielle as a Coach because trust me there is no better feeling to have than knowing exactly what you are doing and knowing exactly where you want to go in life! Thanks Danielle.”

- Loucas Ioannou 

Entrepreneur, Larnaca, Cyprus.

“Working with Danielle I was able to explore my purpose from a deep level. Work through and shift some old belief patterns, that had until now stood in my way. This gave me more clarity and confidence to move into areas I previously wanted to explore. It really opened up possibilities. I streamlined my current business practices that streamlined my productivity and generated more leads. This high-level energetic coaching also resulted in my company expanding into other business areas too, and has given me the time to focus on new goals moving the company forward. I would recommend any individual to sign up for anything Danielle does. Her coaching really is cutting edge!.”

- Helena Panayis

CEO, & Facilitator
Center Stage Arts LTD
Dubai, UAE

“Since working with Danielle I have reached new heights, developed my business, and gained both insights and confidence in myself. Danielle has an uncanny way of seeing what needs doing next and her ability to find the best technique for personal development is second to none. She goes beyond the call of duty. I feel safe in her capable hands with her relaxed, confident style and yet she keeps one accountable. She speaks plainly, nicely jargon-free, proving she knows her business. She has a wealth and depth of knowledge in the field. She knows when to challenge and when to support. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to reach further to employ Danielle and I guarantee that success will follow..”

Louise Bjork

Head Coach
Peaks & Valleys LTD